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E HOOKAH™ Electronic Cigarettes and Hookah Pens combine only the finest materials and latest technology to provide our customers with unparalleled performance from our premium line of Electronic Cigarettes. Here you will find information about how our Electronic Cigarettes and Hookah Pens work, and also familiarize yourself with the different parts and products we offer.


The battery is the driving force behind any electronic cigarette. All our batteries come equipped with a unique microchip that delivers full consistent power throughout the entire charge cycle, as well as unique power saving features which provides users with over 1800 puffs from our original model and over 1080 puffs from our mini models. All our batteries also come with built in battery life indicators so you always know when you need charge your battery.


Atomizers are what convert vapor flavor (or more commonly known as E-Liquid) into vapor. Atomizers use an additional plastic tank cartridge to hold the vapor flavor, which are easily changeable. Our Atomizers are designed specifically to be used with our batteries to produce a perfect balance of taste and vapor from your electronic cigarette.

Tank Cartridges

Tank cartridges are used in conjunction with atomizers, and are what hold the vapor flavor. Tank cartridges are economical and easily interchangeable, which makes it easy for you to switch between flavors or nicotine strengths.


Clearomizers are an optional extra for our original electronic cigarettes and come standard with E HOOKAH™ Mini models. They combine both the atomizer and tank cartridge into one unit, which allows for easier refilling of your electronic cigarette. They also offer a larger tank volume allowing you to store more E-Liquid in your electronic cigarette than standard tank cartridges. Clearomizers also typically deliver a greater amount of vapor than standard atomizers and tank cartridges.

EHC.1™ Clearomizers

Introducing the new EHC.1 Clearomizer. Stylish and compact, the EHC.1 is designed to offer superior vapor production and taste from your E-Liquid. Featuring a powerful new dual coil atomizer head, rebuildable design, and available in 9 fashionable colors, the EHC.1 adds a new level of style and performance to your Electronic Cigarette.

Vapor Flavor (E-Liquid)

Vapor flavor (or also known as E- Liquid) is an all-natural condensed flavored solution that is used in electronic cigarettes that when heated is vaporized into a harmless smoke like vapor. Our vapor flavors are made exclusively for us by Dekang Biotechnologies Co.,Ltd who are the #1 manufactures of E-Liquid in the world and adhere to the strictest safety standards. Our customers safety and satisfaction are our #1 priority. All our vapor flavors are 100% PG (Propylene Glycol) based and come in our standard 0mg (nicotine free option), and also 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg for your convenience.

E HOOKAH™ Original & Mini

E HOOKAH™ Electronic Cigarettes produces two different models, the Original and Mini. While both models offer the same outstanding performance and vapor production, the E HOOKAH™ Original comes with a huge 1100mAh Battery which offers over 1800 puffs from a single charge, while the compact E HOOKAH™ Mini comes in a double kit with 2 long life batteries that each offer over 1080 puffs each from a single charge. You can view the chart below to compare models.