E HOOKAH Electronic cigarettes combine the highest quality and latest in technology in order to give our customers the best possible smoking experience from an electronic cigarette.

Our Electronic Cigarettes consist of 3 parts, the Battery, Atomizer and Tank Cartridge

The Battery

Our large capacity rechargeable battery serves as the power source, our various power saving features provides heavy users with up to 14hours of battery life on a single charge, over 6 times the life of other electronic cigarettes

The Atomizer

The Atomizer is what converts our Vapor Flavor liquid (sold separately) into a water based vapor, which can then be inhaled. The vapor produced by our Atomizers contains no harmful chemicals and dissolves into the air in seconds after it has been exhaled, leaving no smell or lingering smoke unlike traditional tobacco products. Allowing our Electronic Cigarettes to be smoked anywhere that traditional tobacco products can’t.


E HOOKAH Clearomizers are an optional extra that fit onto your existing E HOOKAH battery. They combine the Tank Cartridge and Atomizer together in a fashionable design. Clearomizers also improve the performance of your H HOOKAH Electronic Cigarette by delivering an even greater amount of vapor than the standard tank cartridges. Clearomizers also allow for easier cleaning and refilling than the standard Tank Cartridges.

Vapor Flavor E-liquid

E HOOKAH Vapor Flavor is a water based solution made up of non harmful natural ingredients, which when vaporized via the Atomizer is transformed into a smooth flavorful vapor, which can then be smoked. E HOOKAH Vapor Flavor is specially prepared and packaged for us by Dekang Biotechnologies Co.,Ltd who are the leading manufactures for Vapor Flavor or more commonly known as e-liquid in the world. All our Vapor Flavors meet the highest quality and safety standards in the industry. Our customers satisfaction and safety is our #1 priority.

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